New GP telephone appointment service commencing 12th June 2024.

From 12th June 2024 a new GP telephone appointment service (delivered by local East Elmbridge GPs) will start for all patients of the 7 East Elmbridge GP practices. This service is called East Elmbridge GP Plus Services and will replace the GP consultations offered by LIVI. This new service offers more GP telephone appointments, provided by local East Elmbridge GPs, in addition to the telephone appointment services we offer here at the practice. The decision was made by the 7 East Elmbridge GP practices to discontinue LIVI appointments due to rising costs of the service meaning it offers less value for money for patients. Having listened to patient feedback, we have also invested in providing more face-to-face appointments at the weekend as we know our patients value a variety of ways to use GP services and we are committed to maintaining high quality and accessible care.

What happens if you are a registered LIVI user and want an appointment?

If you are registered with LIVI and are a patient in East Elmbridge visit the appointments section on our practice website to get help for a medical issue and request a consultation, or call us. If you still want to use LIVI, the app will redirect East Elmbridge residents to a pay-as-you-go area for help with medical and mental health conditions.


EE GP Plus Services

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Published on 20 May 2024